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Name:Robin Fellows
Birthdate:May 5
Location:California, United States of America
Once upon a time there was a changeling. This changeling lived for millennia at the beck and call of its Court, the Fair Lords and Ladies who ruled the lesser fairy folk commanding every part of its life--if you could call it that. A changeling exists to be someone else, no true personality of its own, no memories, no face that belongs to only it and no one else. It lives for those times when it is commanded to be, hungers for that sense of identity and belonging, dreading the times between when it returns to a vague, malleable sense of self and waits. Always the waiting. The waiting for long, grey ages, finally broken by a brief, electric stint in the mortal world, with flesh and bone and blood and dreams.

This changeling dreamed, and was careless. Caught in its act by a mortal man, caught pretending. Only the man needed its help to win back the comrade whose face it had stolen, so it made the changeling an offer. The only thing it had of interest, really; freedom. Freedom from the courts and offered protection and a chance to be someone of its own choosing. So it made the only choice it could.

Now it is actually a she, Robin Fellows, girl with a riot of curls and laughing brown eyes that are much, much older than she seems to be. Robin who works at the local coffeeshop, Robin the local community theatre actress, Robin of the quick smile and (some might say) sadistic sense of humor. Robin who can't ever leave that small California town, because fairyland doesn't just forget about you, and the Lords and Ladies that were once her masters have long, long memories and selfish hearts. Now, she's trying to figure out just who Robin really is, and adjust to the idea that for the first time, she can decide that for herself.

[[Roleplaying profile for an original character. Robin is the author's creation, as is all content herein unless otherwise noted. PB is Emmy Rossum, who obviously belongs to herself. Muse and mun both over 21.]]
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